Low Voltage Power Factor Correction

LCB Low Power Capacitor Banks

LCB type capacitor banks are designed for power factor correction in 400, 450, 525 and 690V.Extensive use for power factor correction in supplying and distribution industrial systems. Effectively reduce current and voltage harmonic content.

Networks. Thanks to modern, microprocessor control relay, the capacitor bank is automatically.Choice of the capacitor bank should be foregone by deep analyse of supplying system parameters’,including both reactive power demand and proper choice of resonance frequency of power factor correction system.LCB type capacitor banks are equipped with low-loss, self-healing three-phase capacitors.The capacitor units are equipped with overpressure protection. Discharge resistors guarantee reduction of the residual voltage up to 50V in 1 minute.Capacitor switch can be selected: contactor, thyristor.For every capacitor bank, detailed thermal analyses have been made,which’s results are the base for ventilation system sizing (size of ventilation holes, or efficiency of forced ventilation).In capacitor banks a fused load-break switch is installed.All materials used in capacitor banks (and capacitors) production are non-toxic and environmentally safe. Capacitor banks comply with IEC standards.

General rated data:

Rated voltage: 400V,480V, 525V, 690V

Frequency: 50Hz

Rated power: 50...1200kVar

Rated frequency/damping factor134Hz, p = 14%;189Hz, p = 7,0%;210Hz, p = 5,7%

Regulation step: 10...100kVar

Ambient temperature: -10...+35°C

Cooling: natural or forced

Protection degree: IP3xIP54 Customized

LCB Low Power Capacitor Banks .pdf

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