Multifunctional Power Meter

TMB96 digital multimeters
are capable of viewing the measurements with high
accuracy on the wide graphic LCD, which allow to control
energy distribution networks.
They are available with a flush-mount housing,
(96x96mm) and expansion slots to fit plug-in
expansion modules, suitable for numerous applications.
The main features include an extended power supply
voltage range, high measurement accuracy, expandability
and graphic interactive interface for simple use.
Main measurements:
每 Voltage: phase, line and system values
每 Current: phase values (neutral current calculated)
每 Power: apparent, active and reactive phase and total values
每 P.F.: Power Factor per phase and total
每 Frequency of measured voltage value
每 HIGH-LOW-AVERAGE value functions for all measurements
每 Maximum demand of power and current values
每 Voltage and current asymmetry
每 Total harmonic distortion (THD): voltage and current
每 Harmonic analysis of voltage and current up to 31∼
每 Energy meters for active, reactive, apparent partial and total values
每 Programmable tariff functions
每 Hour counter for programmable total and partial hours
每 Pulse counter for general use: consumption pulse counting for water, gas.

TMB 96 Meter.pdf

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