Low Voltage Power Factor Correction

MKG low voltage capacitors

Three-phase capacitors MKG type are the example of the most modern technological solutions. Cylindrical case ensures minimal dimensions and perfect conditions for heat exchange to the environment. The case is equipped with double overpressure device, breaking electrical connection in a final life period of the capacitor, preventing case to explode. Insulation of MKG capacitors is made of nitrogen (N2), which in case of case rupture causes no harm to the environment. Capacitor units are equipped with a temperature sensor with NC switch. Contacts of the temperature sensor open when the temperature reaches +60ᵒC. The sensor is an additional protection of a capacitor and capacitor bank in case of ambient temperature rise. Capacitor is build of polypropylene foil elements. Its construction ensure self-regeneration of dielectric (local short-circuit does not cause damage of the capacitor), very low active power losses and long life expectance (up to 150.000 hours). In case if case rupture, capacitor can work. All materials used for production of capacitors are non-toxic, ecologically harmless, do not contain PCB.

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